I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and this is a collection of my published columns in the Jewish Quarterly together with a random selection of things that so enraged/excited me that I had to put pen to paper. Finger to keyboard. You know.

The Jewish Quarterly

My regular JQ Column - in the words of Will Self, I'm only Jewish quarterly.

Black and Blue All Over (Spring 2004)
Is She Or Isn't She? (Summer 2004)
Days of Awe (Autumn 2004)
Tis the Season (Winter 2004)
What Gives? (Spring 2005)
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Summer 2005)
New Year, New Community? Autumn 2005)
Jews and the Property Question (Winter 2005)
Family Matters (Spring 2006)
Do We Have a Dragon to Slay? (Summer 2006)
Desperately Seeking Cheadle (Autumn 2006
Bubbe Meises [PDF] (Winter 2006)
Pretty in Pink? [PDF] (Spring 2007)

I've Got Nothing on Cosmo

Girls, girls, girls. Not the porn kind. The stuff that makes us tick; men, clothes, shoes…

One Step Beyond Functional Food: Travels in the Ladies Lingerie World
Skimpy Dress
It's a Royal Knockout
How to Look Thin When You're a Size Sixteen
Work Those Abs
How to Shop: The Eleven Commandments

Not-exactly the Jewish Chronicle

People say write from experience, and this is a collection that looks at the nature of Jewish identity, collective patterns of behaviour, and the ultimate chicken soup recipe. And you'll notice a theme, emerging…

The New Jew Manifesto
Seeking Cheadle
Ze Chermans, And How I Feel
Mechitza - The View From Here
Thirty Days and Thirty Nights
Black and Blue All Over
Is She or Isn't She?
Only Bad Dates and Shidduchim Go Out in the Midday Sun
Argument, Shmargument
The Miracle of Yom Kippur Eve
The Nine Questions That Jews Ask


Frankly, there's no excuse for this. I like cooking. I love people enjoying my food. And now, through the wonder of the interwebnet, I can publish my recipes to, er, both of you.

There are very few ocassions when I feel I can genuinely say "enjoy". This isn't one of them. There are no implied warranties blah blah. Your mileage may vary. Improvements? Always welcome.

Easy Homemade Humous
Vegetarian Thai Green Curry
Asian Style Poached Salmon In Noodle Soup
Middle Eastern Flatbreads
Banana Bread
Aubergine Dip
Eingemakhts - Beetroot Jam
Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto
Pumpkin & Carrot Cobbler
Flourless Orange & Almond Cake
Lemon Drizzle Cake

Technology/business stuff

Hard to believe, but I've spent a lot of time immersed in technology - as a headhunter, on the commercial side of an internet magazine, as a conference programme developer -

The Meeting
Tony Blair's Email Shenanigans
I'm Your Telecoms Genie. Really.
Welcome to the Weblog Hall of Fame
What Is The Friday Five About?
Democratising the New World

TV Reviews

You know. Everyone thinks it's easy money. You watch TV. You have a view. You're a reviewer. Me too, honey.

Ally McBeal
Dot Com and Kosher
Sooo Graham Norton

On Language and The World In General

Bill Safire is my lingusitic hero; I am but a pale imitation... and other thoughts

The Sheitgeist Index
Random Linguistic Rambling
9/11: It's a Yahrzeit for the World
The British Gas Years

Book Extracts

Bar Life
Fait Accompli
Someone to Watch Over You

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