My name is Sasha Frieze, and this is my personal site. It's a repository for my blog, writing, recipes, photos and anything else that floats my boat.

If you want to know more about my professional life, then take a look at The Business Narrative, an events and marketing consultancy that helps grow businesses and professional services firms, and advises professionals in the conference and events industry.

I've been online since 1995 and have been blogging since 2002. I often get asked what my blog is “about”, and I struggle to answer. I started blogging before it was a revenue stream, or an alternative career, or you had to own a niche. I blog because I love to write and communicate, and this is a perfect way to do both.

So you'll find my views on all the things that interest me personally (energy efficiency, theatre, photography, walking, travel, the Jewish world and all its myriad idiosyncrasies, family life, geekery, customer service, property, interior design and architecture) as well as some of the things that interest me more professionally (financial management, capital markets, wealth management, headhunting, career coaching, marketing strategy, business development, media owners and commercial conference companies).

Communication is at the core of what I do. Whether it's cooking for friends, understanding why people do what they do, writing, developing strategic business plans, putting on incredible parties for clients, coaching people for big career moves, or creating websites - essentially it's all the same. What makes me tick is understanding what motivates others, where they're trying to get to, and off the back of that, working out a strategy to get there.

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